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Literary Club

The Literary Club is a haven for wordsmiths, poets, storytellers, and avid readers. It serves as a creative space where students can express themselves through the art of writing and engage in stimulating literary discussions; debates, extempore and discussions. The club organizes poetry slams, book reviews, creative writing workshops, and reading sessions to foster a love for literature and writing. By participating in these activities, members enhance their language proficiency, analytical thinking, and creativity. The Literary Club aims to nurture a culture of expression and appreciation for the written word, empowering students to articulate their thoughts effectively.

Furthermore, the Literary Club members can contribute to our campus newspaper, RajVaibhav, providing literary enthusiasts an avenue to showcase their writing prowess and viewpoints to a broader audience. This initiative allows students to refine their perspectives and share their opinions, contributing to a rich literary culture within the university community.