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Our Departments


MJRP Academy of Law not only provides simple degree courses in Law but make the students self esteemed and self confident.


MJRP College of agriculture in Rajasthan’s first private agriculture college. 


The Faculty of Engineering and Technology fosters a vision of education transformation in keeping pace with the time.


It offers variety of courses, both technical & Vocational. Polytechnic provides various career courses.


The Pharmacy is the art, practice or profession repairing, compounding and dispensing medical drugs.


Management is one of the strongest contenders for a career management oriented programmes.


Arts/ Humanities is one of the most popular and traditional streams across India.


Commerce is a field of study which comprises of Accountancy, Business Administration, Economic and Financial Management.


Science is the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology.


In the knowledge driven society, competitive edge comes only through proper education.

Fashion Design & Technology

To succeed in today’s fashion world & to achieve the goal of transmitting a broader range of competencies.

Film Technology

The degree in Film and Television Production Technology is designed for anyone seeking a career in the highly competitive

Home Science

The core of the subject matter is the family ecosystem and the education system aimed at teaching and professing ‘better living.’ 

Media & Mass Communication

The world has witnessed a phenomenal and unprecedented explosion in communication technology and media.


The Pharmacy is the art, practice or profession of repairing, preserving, compounding and dispensing medical drugs.


Physiotherapy is considered as a health profession which is concerned with maximization of mobility and quality of life.

Yoga & Vedic Science

Vedic Science is the intelligence that administers the universe & this knowledge can be applied in education, health, management, economics, defense, architecture & planning.

Computer Science and IT

Taking a computer science course will mean you will be studying a subject at the very forefront of technology and innovation.

Special Education

Special Education Programmes (Approved by RCI, Government of India) Admissions Open 2021-2022. 

Bio-Tech & Microbiology

Biotechnology & Microbiology are blend of numerous disciplines. Which aims to manufacture commercial products by living organisms and biological system, intent to improve the quality of human life. 

Admissions Open 2023-2024